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What is URL short  link Generator app?

URL Short Link Generator is a desirable Shopify App for webmasters looking to leverage social media. It helps you to create a short version of your URLs that you can share on social media or via word-of-mouth, it’s Pretty Beautiful, Right?. Long URLs can be tough to pronounce and pretty hard to remember. Our app fixes all your problem with best URL shortner.

◈◈◈ Live support available after app installation ◈◈◈

After app installation, visit the app dashboard. You can see bottom right side icon for chat window.

◈ Why URL Short Link Generator:

  • You are still using 3rd party tools to shorten your website’s link?
  • Tired with long boring URL’s?
  • Then URL Short Link Generator Is the perfect destination to solve your problems.

◈ Benefits of using this app

It is extremely simple-to-use, and you will be able to run in a minutes, like a 2 mins quick Maggie!. No custom configuration is required, you are just few clicks away for shorten URL. Multiple short link generator at one place like google link, tiny link and bitly link along with available analysis results.
With this app you can generate product short links with selected variant, generate page link, category link as well.App uses your brand domain in the short link so your link gets more clicks.Because people tend to click branded short URL or short link using shopify link shortener.
The best feature of this app is, it helps you to hide affiliate links. Because Pop-up of affiliate link is like headache for us. That’s why we made it like a way to hide affiliate URLs and referral data with the URLs. You will be benefited by getting direct hit on your URLs. When you create too many short links, managing them can be a pain again. To counter that we made it easy for you to organised your shortened URLs into different tabs so you can easily navigate.

◈ App’s Main Features - Create Short Links

Create short links that your visitors will easily be able to memorize and that you can fit into Tweets, Facebook posts and more.

◈ Faster Than Any External Shortner

External Shortners can be slow when redirecting your visitors and having lots of adds. Here, we have solved this problem.

◈ Hide Affiliate Links

URL short link generator is a great way to hide affiliate links. This is a perfect way to ensure that people don’t by pass your links and cost you money.

◈ Easy To Use

Some app would not be easier to use. This is a quick way to generate links to any page of your site.

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◈ Organize In Perfect Way

Keep all your short links in one convenient place so that you would quickly sort and organize them so, you can find ones you need.

◈ With Product, Product Variant and Collections

Using this App you can convert short URL of products with selected variant and collection.

Enjoy the app and email us if you need custom programming or design for shopify stores!

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A huge thanks in advance!
For more details visit our shopify app:https://apps.shopify.com/url-short-link-generator

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